About Me

My name is Sean J Connolly and having worked as a Senior Business Analyst and Management Consultant for over 20 years I have seen and heard a few things, not to mention learning some stuff along the way.

After reading lots of peoples thoughts online about the massive world we live in, everything from the state of the NHS, the police force to the EU, Brexit and Trump. I decided to write a blog with some of my thoughts,predictions and general opinion based on my vast knowledge of business, finance and everything in between.

So a huge welcome to my blog, feel free to comment on any of my posts, or get in touch if you want to know more about any of my posts.

NOTE – All the information in my blog is based on years of experience and education, its not based on media bias or with a political agenda in mind.

Feel free to get in touch via my website over at http://potissimus.co.uk/#contact