No Deal Brexit – Why It’s A Good Thing

As you may have heard by now back on the 23 June 2016 the UK voted to leave the European Union (EU) and part of means also means leaving the European Economic Area (EEA) or the single market

After triggering Article 50, which basically informs the EU that the UK has voted and will be leaving the EU. This gave us 2 years to finalise the plans for leaving the EU. Then on the 29 March 2019 the UK will leave the EU.

This exit is being known as a No Deal Brexit as we would leave the EU without any direct trade agreements in place, this includes the movement of both goods as well as people. This in my view is the best options.


What Needs to Happen Now!

As of the vote to leave the EU which is now fondly become known as Brexit there are actually a ton of priorities that need to be taken care of before we leave the EU. We need to remember the EU is ingrained into most aspects of our daily lives from health care to food, farming, VAT and everything in between.

The UK government needs to focus on the issue of making sure our nation can function as a standalone entity as we are so controlled by the EU we need to make sure some issues such as

  1. Farming Subsidies
  2. VAT
  3. Laws
  4. Workforce and Immigration

Whilst these are key areas there are by no means the complete list of areas we need to get in order before leaving the EU.

What Is The British Government Doing About Brexit?

You would think with such a list of important areas to conisder the UK government would be spending time on domestic issues and getting it’s house in order ready for leaving the EU. Sadly the answer is NO.

Theresa May, our Prime Minister is and was firmly on the remain side of the vote.

This being said, it not surprising she has spent the last 2 years trying to come to some form of deal with the EU before brexit. Whilst that in itself is not a bad thing, the type of deal she is trying to push through would leave us ingrained in the European Union for many many years, and as we would no longer be an EU member we would have no say on any of the policies, laws, tariffs, etc etc. Kinda deal you only wish for if you are a complete idiot.

What Will Happen!

So here it is almost crunch time and once again I am going to say what I think is going to happen. Now bear in mind I am not some Googlite or keyboard warrior, I have worked as a consultant for over 20 years and I have access to very sensitive information about a lot of stuff so my predictions are based on facts and not fake news or internet articles.

I think that leaving the EU with a NO DEAL exit will happen and is the best way forward as it will let us negotiate with the EU on our terms whilst opening up world trade to the UK.

Movement of People

You must bear in mind we currently have a lot of countries and continents outside the EU where people come to the UK to live and work, such as Asia, America, Australia, etc think how the NHS uses Indian, Pakistani doctors and consultants, or care homes and cleaning firms use asian staff, these are only a small example but shows that free movement of people without being controlled the EU is possible and this time its on own terms.

We also need to remember by having greater control over immigration we can decide who can come to our country and make sure we get benefit from immigration and not simply exploited as we do now. Take for example the current invaders coming over the English channel, they are exploiting EU laws and know once they get on our shores they can play the Human Rights game. So leaving the EU will give us better control over our borders and let us thrive whilst still allowing the right people to come and live in our great nation.

Worldwide Trade

Lets start it off by saying you have all heard of Google, Microsoft and FaceBook, oh yeah and Apple. None of which are EU companies proving we can trade with countries outside the EU.

Although it has been said some companies only moved to the UK to give them access to the EU, I however disagree, they came to our country because we are built on having the most skilled workforce in the world, nothing to do with the EU at all.

Now if we are talking about goods, just take a look at what you are wearing, most likely its made outside the EU. Everywhere from Vietnam, China, Bangladesh to Pakistan and everywhere in between.

So I see no reason why we can’t trade with the rest of the world and export and import goods all without being tied to the EU regulatory monster. I think we will be able to trade better without the EU on our back and I predict our GDP will increase as a direct result of this.

The Pound (GBP) After Brexit

In order to predict the future value of the Pound (GBP) after brexit we must first remember that we voted to retain our own currency and to not adopt the Euro (the currency of the European Union). This meant that the Pound (GBP) continues to be one of the most traded currencies on the forex markets today.

This means the Pound (GBP) is a strong standalone currency and as such can hold its value. So here is my prediction after brexit and the value of the Pound (GBP) and the Euro (EUR).

  1. The Pound (GBP) will drop initially following brexit, followed by a recovery to levels above that of the time of the EU referendum.
  2. The euro (EUR) will drop initially following brexit but will fail to recover to previous highs following the loss of the UK from the EU.

Farming, Fishing and Nature

I am going to keep this short and sweet, in order to prevent huge food price rises we need to replace the current Single Payment Scheme with our own UK based scheme, although without the huge amount of red tape our farmers go through to get there money as they do now.

This goes for all agriculture and nature too, we need to keep the subsidies up in order to help these industries continue to thrive. We also need to make use our fishing fleets get the support they need to continue to fish in UK waters and beyond whilst controlling fish stocks for future generations.

In Closing

I think the future of the United Kingdom following leaving European Union (EU) and Brexit is bright. We will be able to work as the great nation we once were, trade on our terms, allow people into our country who will benefit our country and simply thrive.

In short get back what we have lost and in the words of the great Donald Trump “Make Our Country Great Again”

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