Why Womens Equality Sucks!

After the anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration as US President, and the Women’s March that followed. We have seen more women’s marches taking place all over the world, these protest are meant to be about women’s rights. However they have been hijacked by far left people with different agendas.

This means that the marches have become connected with everything from womens rights, LGBT, racism, to name but a few.

Although the idea of these marches sounds good, we have to remember that in history women have generally been treated unfairly compared to men. However this all changed with the suffragette movement, resulting in women being given the vote and being treated more equally with men.

Things are different in other countries

So fast forward to 2018 and in the West women have more rights than ever before. However in other countries this is not the case, whether it is India, Pakistan, Iran, UAE to name but a few. Yet we continue to have marches and protests for something people already have.

My thoughts are, why not travel to a country where women have no rights and protest there. Oh yeah that’s right, because you won’t be allowed, because you have no rights in their country. Weird that isn’t it.

Equality for all

My personal take on women’s equality is that it’s a load of rubbish. I think equality should be aimed at everyone, not just a few people.

I am all for women having equal pay as that of men, or promotion or what ever it may be. However in some cases the work put in should also be equal. Take Wimbledon for example, women players complained they did not get the same prize money as men. Now they do, however they still play less games. Not really fair is it?

The solution

So the simple solution is equality for all. Not rocket science is it. I think no matter what sex, race, size or religion you are, everyone should be treated the same based on abilities not other stupid factors such as not employing enough people from Black Asian Minority Ethics, or enough women. Hiring and using people based on need and ability means you may end up with an all male company, or an all female company, an all white company or all black company or a mix in between. This means you get the right people for the job, instead of making sure you hire a certain percentage of a certain group. After all this may result in, let’s say, 15% of your workforce who are useless just to appease some stupid values.

Right people regardless of sex, race, size or religion.

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