Manchester Attacks – Why You Should Vote Conservative

Following the horrid attack last night in Manchester and the responsibility for the attack being claimed by Islamic State. One thing came to mind, no matter where your religious thoughts lie this attack was extreme, killing innocent concert goers in a premeditated attack is out of order and needs to be stopped in the UK from happening.

Your Vote Can Stop The Attacks

This is not a time to use the situation for political gain, but I thought it worthwhile letting you know what the 2 main political parties think.

What we do know from the attack is that the attacker was a Muslim, that is a fact. Whether he was acting in an extreme capacity is open to your own thoughts. However we can agree that the attack was Islamic Extremism and this must be stopped.

So where do the 2 main parties Labour and Conservatives stand on such behaviour.

Labour Would Protect The Attacker

Labour clearly state in their manifesto they will tackle Islamaphobia and I quote “The Labour Party is the party of equality and seeks to build a society and world free from all forms of racism, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.” It must first be stated that “Islamaphobia it not even a real word”, it falls into the same area as terms like “Bedroom Tax” a statement used to support an ideal.

Under the Labour manifesto the attacker would be protected, and any mention of any connection to Islam of any sort would be met with hostility.

Conservatives Would Protect The Victims and the Public

The Conservatives state in their manifesto and again I quote “Our enjoyment of Britain’s diversity must not prevent us from confronting the menace of extremism. Extremism, especially Islamist extremism, strips some British people, especially women, of the freedoms they should enjoy, undermines the cohesion of our society and can fuel violence.” As you can the Conservatives will set out and to tackle Islamic extremism in particular the kind we have seen recently in Manchester, London, etc etc.

Under the Conservatives the public and victims of this attack will be protected,keeping to the facts when extremist Islam threatens the values we all love and share, no matter what your religion, race or culture. Making for a more secure future in the UK.

So in short to stop more attacks like the ones we have seen recently, then you need to vote Conservative

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