Snap General Election 2017

So as you have heard by now the UK is having  general election in June. You may be thinking to yourself why? I thought there was not going to be one until 2020.

The reason for this is simple, due to continued pressure on Theresa May being Prime Minister, and the fact she is an un-elected official has put additional pressure on here position as Prime Minister. So to counter this she has called for a snap general election in June. Kinda in the hope that when they win the election it will secure her position and authority as Prime Minister.

Also with the situation surrounding Brexit Theresa May is in a difficult position, being that she was a Remain campaigner and now has to lead a country leaving the EU. Again the election will be a clear message if the voters want her steering the ship.

Election Results

First off I think the Conservatives will win the election, gaining seats from both Labour and SNP. The reason for this is that people are worried about the future of the country and only the Conservative can continue driving us forward.

But what about UKIP?

I think UKIP voters will vote Conservative, as the main purpose of UKIP is for UK independence which is kinda done now, voting Conservative will make sure the Article 50 path is continued without any possibility of a second referendum.

Why any thoughts of a Second Referendum are Mad?

As you may remember we have had a referendum vote on whether to leave the EU or stay members,if you don’t remember this check out my other post The UK spoke and we want out of the EU, well at least out of the unnecessary bureaucracy for people like our farmers and business, not to mention the immigration issues.

My thoughts on this is that we have now enacted Article 50 and started the process of leaving the EU, we have around 2 years to get the best deal possible for the UK, remember several EU countries have already stated they want to continue to trade with the EU, plus plenty of country such as Switzerland, US, India etc trade with the EU without being members.  The way I see it is that if the UK were to have a second referendum, depending on the outcome 2 things would happen.

  1. If the UK voted remain, not only would the UK democracy to undermined,followed by likely legal challenges, but the EU would not guarantee our membership. Well at least on the same terms we have now. We would be going with our tail between our legs asking to remain  member. At this point the EU will let us remain but at a cost.
  2. If the UK voted leave (again). We would have shown the EU that not everyone in the UK is happy with leaving the EU. This would result in our position of strength disappearing, as currently we are in a position to be able to say, the UK doesn’t need the EU the EU needs the UK. However, ever the mere act of a second referendum shows doubt in the eyes of the EU. This makes our negotiations harder, ultimately resulting in a worst deal (if any) for everyone in the UK.

So in short any thoughts of a second referendum will be a bad idea resulting in the UK having less power in the EU. Not to mention undermining the will of the people who have voted to wish to leave the EU.

What do you think the results of the election will be? let me know in the comments.

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