MPs Pay Rise!

As you may have seen in the news, MPs have once again voted in favour of giving themselves a pay rise of 1.5%.

This means MPs are earning over £75k per year before expenses.

Is It Fair?

We all remember during the financial crisis and when bankers were being paid huge bonuses. Everyone was blaming the bankers for the crisis ( wrongly in my view) and the public and media were saying it was unfair for bankers to be paid such huge salaries and bonuses. 

Simple because they felt they were to blame for the financial crisis.
So I ask you, are MPs any different. Last time I checked the country is still in the midst of austerity. Public services are being cut, council budgets cut, jobs lost, etc etc.

Yet our MPs have voted and agreed to a 1.5% for themselves, whilst at the same time the same people voted for a cap on public sector pay rises at 1.5%. In my view you get a pay rise for doing a good job and when there is plenty of money in the pot. 

As the MPs have not fixed our country and there is no where near enough money in the pot, I think this pay rise is unfair and unjust. We must remember they did have a pay rise back in 2013.

So I think giving themselves a pay rise is unjust, try fixing the country and proving you are worth the £70k salary you are already getting, before asking for more money.

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