Lets Not Stop Trump

Following the recent events surrounding everything from Fake News stories to protests about everything President Trump does, I thought I would write a post to say I fully support and stand by President Donald Trump.

Fake News aka #FakeNews

I thought I would start by going into the phenomena that is Fake News. If you have not heard about this, its simply news sources reporting alternative facts, such as CNN reporting about President Trumps inauguration figures, if you have not heard about this check out my other post this and many other things reported by the main stream media is setting a worrying precedence.

The problem is we have become accustomed to the main media sources such as BBC, Sky, CNN, Fox and others. Meaning we have taken what they say as being fact, so when they start stating none facts, we still believe them. When President Trump pulled them upon this, the world went on the attack. Not on the attack of the media, but on the attack of President Trump. Yes this is wrong.

Problem is with the mainstream media,they have become no longer impartial, . Reporters are saying what they like, and especially as its live news its gets aired.

CNN Calls Julian Assange a pedophile

Lets just look back to January when CNN accused Julian Assange of being a pedophile, and twice in one day. These statements were retracted later on by CNN, this proves the point about the media saying and reporting what ever they like. Based in part on nothing more than personal opinion.

We can no longer trust main stream media, even more so in the case of President Trump. They are anti Trump and will only ever report on negatives and not positives surrounding him.

Whiny Little Leftys – Sorry I mean Protesters

Yep, there I said it. All I have see in the last fews weeks is protest after protest. Protesting against President Trump and his state visit to the UK.

You heard me right, people are actually standing and protesting against the President of the United States having a state visit to the UK.


Theses protests are really stupid, when you take into account the people the UK has welcomed with a state visit. in the last 5 years alone we have welcome countries such as United Arab Emirates, China to name but a few. For a whole list check out the WikiPedia page on UK Royal State Visits

As you can see the UK has welcomed countries from all over the world, and a lot of these are either guilty of or under investigation for major violations, including Human Rights Violations or terrorist / UN weapons violations. Yet where were the protests then, there were no pretests.

Where were the protests against Sadiq Khan, when he not only won the London Mayoral election, with only around 2 million people voting out of almost 8 million, but when he back tracked on his election promises. Including increases in rail fares amongst other things. Yep you guess it, there were no protests.

So I ask you President Trump may have said some inappropriate words over a decade ago about women, but he is no sexist bigoted racist. His entire organisation is far more diverse than lots of organisation out there.  Not to mention the act that Donald Trump is now the President of the United States, and as such deserves respect, even if you don’t like the man you MUST respect the position. He is doing what he thinks is best for the American people, and I for you think that is amazing. (note I am not a US citizen I live in the UK)

Should people really be protesting in the street.

The answer is NO.

The other factors these protesters don’t think about is the money and cost of their protests. They forget that there is a police presence. They forget that the local councils have to tidy the streets following the protests. They forget that the country and us tax payers have to pick up the cost of this, and in a time of austerity this is money that could be better spent.

So my message to these protesters is simple. Respect democracy and Western values, and instead of throwing your money away on protesting, why not donate it to charity where it can do some good.

Supporting the wrong People

As you can see from the photo above, the protesting is in a large way in support of the Muslim community. Lead by muslims and supported by people who don’t know any better. Why are these people supporting Muslims, when Donald Trump has done nothing at all to attack or offend muslims. His travel ban is country based NOT religion based. Yet once again we see Islam playing the victim, when in reality this is nothing to do with them.

I do agree that not all muslims are terrorists, but if consider that 1% of muslims are terrorists. As of 2010 there were 1.6 billion muslims on earth, and 1% of them is a whopping 16 million terrorists. Now I am no security expert but that is a cause for serious concern.


You only have to look at some of the main stream media, to see where the issue really lies,and who is spreading the Fake News.

Just look at the diversity in the photo above. Yes you guess it, this is the editorial board of the Huffington Post. Not a single non white person there, neither is there a single man, now if thats diversity I’ll eat my hat (I don’t wear a hat).

Don’t get me wrong I am not a fan on having an ethnic minority hiring policy. I am a fan of hiring the right people, regardless of race, sex or religion for the job. Simple as that. But when you attack President Trump for this thoughts and comments, you need to address your own issues first. Like the saying goes

“People in Glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”

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