How I Created the World First Cloud Storage

Let me tell you a story of the worlds first cloud storage system, a story set back in a time when the internet was dial up with record breaking speeds of 56kbps, yes thats right 56kbps. In some cases 128kbps and faster on bonded connections, these were simpler times.

The year was 2001 and people were sending documents via email, which (not unlike today) had limited sizes for attachments. Resulting in CDs and DVDs being posted by couriers all over the world, as it was faster, more secure than email.

One Man Can Make A Difference (as Michael Knight always said)

One man set out to change this by developing The Worlds First Cloud Storage solution in the form of DMS the Document Management System.

After almost 2 years of developing DMS was born in 2004. Almost 3 years before the now popular platforms including DropBox, One Drive and Google Drive.


Award Winning Platform – Worlds First Cloud Storage

Shortly after launch DMS was nominated by the DTI for a top industry award. Winning the Best Use of Broadband award in 2005, beating other companies including BT, Microsoft to name but a few. These companies were not competing with other cloud storage systems but other broadband / internet based offerings.

The DTI had used the system for some time. Calling me on one occasion from a remote desert in Egypt to congratulate me on how they can access their documents from their tent. (that was until wonder government policy made them develop an in-house system some years later)

This I thought was the start of something amazing.

Sadly it was not to be.

The Problem

You mean there was a problem with this solution to everyone’s needs.

The short answer is YES.

After years of development making sure the security met AES security standards. Not to mention allowing the system to be accessed from anywhere worldwide via the World Wide Web and cope with the capacity and demand. The ‘so called’ elephant in the room was the speed of the internet at the time. The fact upload speeds were so slow meant it took ages to upload even the smallest document.

Whilst some companies had higher connection speeds, faster broadband was still a few years off. As the UK were trailing behind other countries such as the US.

Only in the past few years has the UK been a supporter of a better internet infrastructure. With fast broadband still not available everywhere.

I decided in 2007 to discontinued running DMS.

In Closing

So the moral of the story is, don’t give up on your dreams. The turning point may only be moments away. I am not all disheartened by this though, as I know I have the ability to think of unique ideas and how to put them into action.

To be a leader not a follower.


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