NHS Crisis – How we can Save the NHS

 Is there really an NHS Crisis?

After having worked for several years as a Senior Business Analyst directly within various NHS departments.



It has come to my attention that the problem with the NHS is not really any of the following.

  • Not enough beds
  • Insufficient Money
  • Lack of Staff
  • or a million other things you can think of

The problem is simple, outsourcing and inefficiency.


As you may or may not be aware the NHS runs a ton of services. Not just providing medical treatment to patients some of these services to name but a few are

  • Finance
  • Procurement
  • Staffing
  • Ambulance Services
  • Medicine
  • Catering
  • and the list goes on

When you look into who actually provides these services, on the face of it you will be forgiven for thinking its the NHS.

So whats wrong with that.

Many of these services, including running the NHS Trusts and ambulance services are done by third party companies, this includes some emergency ambulance services, consultant doctors, nurses and beyond.

Most of the time you visit the hospital at the weekend and see a consultant doctor, it is most likely they are not a direct NHS employee, they will work through an agency, at a cost of around 5 times that of an in-house doctor. This also goes for some nurses too, some are not NHS staff nurses but hired through agencies at increased cost to cover periods such as weekends and late nights.

These are third party private profit making companies and NOT another public sector body.

In fact one of these companies actually made over £7 million profit for their last financial year, with an inward injection of around £4 million, and this was for a single project.

NHS Crisis – Small Example of Inefficiency

Whilst working on a project for one of these companies, it came apparent that due to the fact these companies running NHS services are actually private companies, they think like private companies.

This means they feel they are only accountable to themselves, and do things without thinking of the bigger picture and the fact they work for the NHS.

If you look at one of the projects I looked at, before I got involved the company were about to spend almost £10 million on this project, after looking at the project from my Senior Business Analyst point of view, I rearrange the project and saved them over £9 million. Yes you heard me £9 million on a single project.

I managed to save the NHS over £1 billion

I worked on around 100 projects during my time with this company I managed to save the NHS over £1 billion, this equates to around 1% of the total budget managed by NHS England, not bad for a few months work.

You can see from this small example its not about what money is in the NHS.  Spending the money in better ways is key to solving this problem. The Lord Carter Report and the Future Focus Finance was a good start in addressing the issues. Action is needed now to solve the NHS Crisis.

So Could I help the NHS?

The simple answer is yes, after seeing the service for almost 20 years and my direct results so far, I know I could get the NHS out of this Crisis.

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