MPs Vote in Brexit Bill – Theresa May Can Take UK out of the EU

On 1st Feb 2017 a historic event took place in the UK parliament, after 3 days of discussion regarding the UK leaving the European Union, and following a supreme court ruling ordering the government to put the referendum process to a discussion and vote in parliament. The so called BrexitBill was presented and discussed in parliament.

The MPs discussed and voted…

The UK is Leaving the European Union (EU)

As you can see from the graph, the result was an astounding result for leaving the EU or Brexit as it has come to be know. The Results were

  • 498 Voted to leave the EU
  • 114 Voted to remain in the EU

So What does this mean for the UK

The next step is for the Prime Minister to draw up and present the White Paper to parliament, this in short will detail how the UK will go about leaving the EU and how Article 50 will be trigger and when. The UK will then have about 2 years to discuss terms with the EU about the future, this will include everything from trade, law to people movement and beyond. Remember the UK has been in the EU for almost 40 years so there is a lot to sort out.

Is the UK Doomed Without the EU?

In short NO, the UK will now be able to take back control of its own affairs, which means everything from trading with the EU, migration, finance, law and beyond.

I for one think this is a great future for the UK, one we should grab with both hands, I would also like to commend the MPs for voting and upholding the will of the people, even if they voted the other way during the EU referndum. This is true democracy at work in the UK.

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