UK and US Economies Thriving Following Brexit and Trump

Following the major events of the past 6 months or so, such as Brexit, the ‘so called’ experts were all predicting serious downturn in the economies of the UK and the US, as both had major events taking place.

UK Economy Following EU Referendum

At the time of the EU Referendum in the UK, all the financial experts were warning that the economy would go into recession and we would be worse off than ever before. However one person, said the total opposite of this, and that person was me, check out my other post about the future of the UK following Brexit – and

I knew from my years of experience working with businesses that the UK economy was not going to fall into recession and would in fact thrive.

As you can see from the chart above, the FTSE is quite clearly higher than it was at the time of the EU Referendum last year, so following Brexit the UK economy is not in recession and is doing alright thank you very much, and remember the one person who said this would happen. Me.

US Economy Following Donald Trumps Inauguration

Again you will know by know by now we have a new sheriff in town over the in United States in the form of President Donald J Trump, and again the world experts were saying the economy would collapse with him as president as he has no experience of politics.

I for one find this statement a bit daft, after all the economy is what matters not political opinion, and having made himself one of the richest men on the planet, President Trump knows a thing or two about which policies are best for the real people, the business people, the workers, the citizens and not just the politicians.

As you can clearly see from the chart above, the DOW JONES is doing quite well, in fact it hit record highs in the last few days, all of which shows not only is Donald Trump the right man to be President, but the whole economy tends to agree.

Although only in office for less than a week, President Trump has already secured more jobs in the US and arranged trade meetings with world leaders, he is doing a great job and long may it continue.

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