Donald Trump Inauguration Crowd Size – The Facts

So by now you will know Mr Donald Trump has had his inauguration and  is now, and rightly so, President Trump and I for one think he is the right man for the job.

After all the fake news being spread about his inauguration and the actual numbers by some media outlets, I thought I would write my thoughts about it, in particular the facts about the actual crowd size during his inauguration, and not the arrival as some outlets are saying.

Obama 2009 Inauguration – A History Making Event

This is very true, back in 2008 when Barack Obama was sworn in a president, the crowd size was well into the millions.

As a supporter of Donald Trump I am not going to argue about this fact, I will however make a statement that when Obama became president it was a historic occasion, he was the first black president in US history. People attending were not only his supporters but people wanting to see history being made.

It should also be noted that this ceremony cost huge sums of money at a time the US was going through massive financial problems.

Cost – around $170 million dollars (funded jointly by Obama Administration and federal government)

Crowd Size – 1.8 million

Obama 2013 Inauguration

Now if we look at the second term of President Obama, the crowd numbers and cost were a lot smaller than the first one, this is because this time history was not being made and the main people attending were actually supporters

Cost – around £53 million dollars (funding mainly by federal government)

Crowd Size – around 700,000

Trump 2017 Inauguration

So this is the big event, Donald J Trump became US president and again all the haters are out and about with their facts about the attendance. However if we look at the actual crowd sizes we can see they are pretty similar to the second term of President Obama.

Again I am not going to say Donald Trump has as many people attend his first Inauguration as Obama, but as this was not a historical event, well not in the eyes of the world anyway, there was not the mass attendance to see history being made.

Cost – $100 million dollars (exact cost is still unknown, but we know Trump raised just over $100 million dollars to fund the ceremony without the need for a major federal government injection, so even if the end cost was $200 million as some are saying, less than half of this would be from federal government)

Crowd Size – around 800,000

The Facts Unlike CNN

Obama had more people attend his first inauguration, and like I said before this was because it was a historic event, First Black President in US history. However his second term was a bit less popular with crowds a similar size to that of Trumps ceremony.

If we are to believe the media there was no one at Donald Trumps inauguration at all, as you can see from the photo (left is Trump Right is Obama), the crowd size is way down on that of Obama!


The problem is the photo shown by popular media is actually the crowds arriving at Donald Trump Inauguration some 3 hours before the service, not during the actual service. Now if we look at a screenshot taken from CNN themselves and the gigapixel photo they took during the service, it tells a different story.

CNN Gigapixel Photo – Donald Trump Inauguration –

You can clearly see the REAL crowd size going all the way back to the monument, also remember that during the Trump inauguration their was more restriction and security on where the crowd were allowed to stand during the service.

In Closing

Look at the facts before judging stuff and whether you like him or not Donald Trump is now the President of the United States, and you have to respect the position even if you don’t like who is in office.

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