Leaving the EU will not stop European Travel and Trade

I thought I would write a short post following some of the comments and emails I received from my last post about the EU referendum, if you have not read it go check it out

Now we are leaving the European Union, does this mean we are also leaving Europe?

Although the European Union is in Europe, the UK will remain in Europe as Europe is a physical continent and we will continue to be part of it. Shame we cant move the UK to warmer climes but thats life.

Now we are leaving the European Union, does this mean we can’t trade with the EU or Europe?

There are two main issues concerning the European Union and that is countries that are members and countries that are not members.

  1. Member states – if you are a member state of the EU you are bound by the trade agreements setup by the EU and can trade within these guidelines with other EU states, this means that even if you don’t want to trade with a certain EU country you are bound to trade with it, and also accept free movement of people from said nation. Being part of the EU also makes it harder to trade outside the EU without the agreement of the EU, take dealing with China for example, the EU has no direct trade agreements in place with China. Although some member state trade with China directly the agreements are done within EU guidelines.
  2. Non-Member states – Countries outside the EU whether in Europe or not are free to trade with EU countries directly, without being bound by tight EU legislation.

What about free movement of people and trade, now we are leaving the EU what happens?

The movement of people and trade within the European Union is actually done via the European Economic Area also know as the common market. This means that any country in or out of the EU can agree trade agreements with the EEA and trade within the EU direct with its members.

I go on holiday to Europe, what happens now?

Simple, for at least 2 years, not a thing. As it will take at least this length of time to leave the EU. However, after this period the right to free travel in the EU will be removed. However, it is my thought that the UK government will discuss terms for free movement of trade and people within the EU under the EEA, just the same as Norway, Iceland etc. Which put simply means we will still have free travel and trade within the EU and Europe just as we do now. Only difference is that we can have stricter controls on who travels where.

So in short,

  • You will still be able to travel anywhere in the EU
  • You will still be able to work anywhere in the EU
  • You will still be able to trade anywhere in the EU

But we wont have the demands of the EU put on our services such as the NHS.

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