David Cameron and Indians Taking UK Jobs

So here we are in a right problem with the UK, and in particular the issue of immigration and people coming into the UK and taking jobs. As you all know in the UK we have an election for our Members of European Parliament this month and one of the big things that has come out of the issue with Europe is the claim that as Romania is now part of the EU, the people from there are going to travel to the UK and take jobs from people. So here are my thoughts on this.

1. Why is it only every Europeans that are talked about when jobs are at risk.

The thing that annoys me is that when every immigration and jobs are mentioned its always about Eastern Europeans coming in to the UK and taking the labouring jobs, or the supposed jobs no body wants to do. So there was an up cry about Romania being part of the EU as it meant labouring jobs in the UK were under threat. So everyone is saying that’s just not right.

At least Eastern European countries actually teach English at school and most people coming into the UK from Europe, can not only speak English, but want to integrate into society.


What about the higher skilled jobs that are being taken away from people in the UK by people from places like India, such as technology jobs, managers, Doctors, Teachers, etc etc. The so called white collar jobs, where is the up cry about this, India is taking over the UK technology jobs, yet they only just stopped using the telegram last year and do not have the same technical understanding as people in the West. To prove this Google any technology question you like, and you will see hundreds of forum posts, by Indians asking “how do I do that” or “where can I find code that does”. Simply they don’t know what they are doing.

Plus to add insult to injury, the doctors who are coming into the UK from places like India, Jordan and others, have gained a Doctorate, that is nothing more than the equivalent of our A Levels, yet as its called a Doctorate they are allowed to practise in the UK. With limited education and training, compared to their UK counter-parts. Not to mention the graduates from India who do not have the same technical knowledge as their UK counter-parts.

2. Cheaper is not always better

We all know that an India or Middle Eastern Doctors working for the NHS will charge less than a UK equivalent. There is a reason for this, UK Doctors are more highly skilled, speak English and are polite. To prove my point I will use myself as an example.

“about a year ago I got scolded on back and went to the Accident and Emergency department, I was seen pretty quickly by a nurse, who said a doctor would be with me shortly. I waited and then an Indian doctor came in, examine my back, and told the nurse I would be fine, and to just give me some lotion for the burn. However, thankfully the nurse knew better and she went away and came back with a UK doctor, he said I need to have the cleaned and dressed, as it was caused by anti-freeze from my car which is highly corrosive. Thankfully it did get cleaned and dressed, and I was given dressing to change regularly. Now thankfully the marks have almost gone altogether. If that nurse was not on the ball, I would now be left with scars on my back”

So you can see why cheaper is not always better, the Indian doctor may cost less, but how much money can you put on peoples lives?

This is the same in the IT and technology fields, Indians, Pakistanis are coming into the UK with limited technical knowledge and working for less than their UK counterparts. Yet there is a skills gap of several years, and this results in system failing, which ends up costing more money in the long run. Plus if you did my Google test above, you will see that they also spend alot of time looking on the internet on how to do stuff, they should already know how to do.


The situation in the UK has gotten a whole lot worse since David Cameron became PM, since 2010 the technology market is over flowing with people from India, Pakistan who have no technical knowledge, yet work for less and get hired. As companies as trying to save money.

Again I have evidence of this, in a rather large company, known as Microsoft. They recently hired a new CEO, a gentleman of Indian origin (I am not going to name, names. You will have to Google it) anyway he is now the CEO of Microsoft, which is a move by Bill Gates and Microsoft to appease and capitalise on the growing Indian market and nothing else, as when this new CEO was in his previous position at Microsoft incharge of their cloud solutions including Azure, the whole environment fell over, and people including myself lost work and were days without server, website or code access. Had I of moved my mission critical applications to this environment I would have been out of pocket, bit time.

The Future

If something is not done about this immigration problem from countries like India, Pakistan, etc the UK will be left in a state where the white UK worker are the lower level employees, whilst the Indian will be the higher managers, technology professionals, Doctors, teachers etc and not because they are better than their UK counter-parts but because they are cheaper or you are branded a racist if you don’t hire them. So my message to you, the government and especially David Cameron is stop it before its too late.

One of the things that most people dont realise is that each year the UK, give over £1bn in overseas aid to India, which is why they can afford to buy UK companies such as Tetley Tea, Corus (British Steel), Land Rover Jaguar, and have a space program. The UK economy is suffering and we have helped other economies grow by giving them help when they dont need it. Put it this way I am sure that someone like Richard Branson would be a better owner of British companies than an Indian, and I am sure he would have been more than happy to pay the difference if the UK government gave him £1bn towards it.

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