Brexit and The Future of the UK

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So by now you will all know that the UK voted in favour of leaving the EU. Although being honest it was pretty close with 51.9% of people voting to leave and 48.1% voting to stay and a turnout of 72.2%.

The Brexit Campaign

So I am not ashamed to say I voted to leave the EU, but what I did find annoying is that the Remain campaign were making out if you voted Leave you were Xenophobic (hate people from other countries) Racist (hate people of difference race to yourself) amongst other things. How on earth is voting in the referendum anything other than a political decision, not based on Race, Hatred or anything else.

Immigration is a problem in the UK, but free movement of people is a good thing. Having people able to come and live and work in the UK is good, just not at the expense of others.

David Cameron Resigns as Prime Minister

Now, we all know that David Cameron was supporting the Remain campaign, due to the Leave campaign winning David Cameron has tendered his resignation as our Prime Minister. I think this is the wrong thing to do and here are a few reasons why.

  1. First and foremost, the referendum was nothing to do with how David Cameron has been as Prime Minister of the UK. It was a vote to see if the UK is in or out of the EU, Simple.
  2. By resigning he is showing that he is not doing what is best for the UK public, and is only looking after himself.
  3. Instead of resigning he should have remained as PM and done his job negotiating with the EU and the EEA for what is the best for the UK.
  4. I hope that Boris Johnson is our next Prime Minister, although given some of David Camerons previous comments I think he has other plans in the mix.

Boris Johnson and Donald Trump

I will start off by saying I hope Boris Johnson is our next Prime Minister and Donald Trump is the next US president.

I loved how Boris Johnson ran the Leave campaign, with nothing more than facts and the truth, and I for one don’t see the issue with Nigel Farage and his poster, as all it was showing was the true situation of migrants travelling across Europe and the EU, notice I said migrants and not refugees, as no one travelling across Europe and the EU is a genuine refugee, they are ALL economic migrants.

A simple Google Image search shows it is nothing more than the situation in Europe, not racist, Xenophobic, Islamaphobic or anything else – Check out Google Images Search

I like the way Donald Trump has supporting the decision of the UK population in this vote, there is nothing wrong with being patriotic, and that has no impact on your race or religion. Being proud to be British is not wrong and never should be.

The Future of the UK outside the EU

You have all heard of the EU or European Union, in essence its the group of countries which set financial and legislative rules amongst member states. But how many of you know anything about the EEA? this is the European Economic Area this is the area within Europe NOT the EU that governs free movement of trade and people.

Tell me more about the European Economic Area.

The idea of the EU in the first place was to create a common market, where goods and people could flow freely and the only payment would be either an agreed amount of trade or an agreed financial payment into the EEA.

Simple put you can be in the EEA and not be in the EU. This means we can have free travel and trade of goods without the need for the Big Brother that is the EU.

What Next

I think that the UK should now go to the EU, and this is why I think David Cameron resigning was wrong, he should have gone back to the EU, using his existing relationships with the people and member states with a few things in mind.

  1. Knowing that the UK voted to leave the EU, with that in mind he could put more demands on the EU in terms of laws, quotas, finance etc from a standpoint of doing what is best for the UK. It would be easier and quicker to remain in the EU with a massive renegotiation that it would be to effectively start again. Knowing that if the demands are not met the UK leave the EU behind.
  2. Leaving the EU doesn’t mean we can’t be part of the EEA, we can negotiate trade and movement across the common market, exactly like other none EU countries have done for years. So if the EU did not agree with our demands then we leave the EU and still play apart in the EEA on our terms.
  3. Countries across the EU lit up with the colours of the United Kingdom! WHY! Not because they love the UK, but because they need to trade with the UK as much as we want to trade with them. the UK leaving the EU makes it harder for member states to trade with us just as it does for the UK to trade with EU member states. However it is my prediction we will have trade agreements with current EU countries which will ultimately be better than we have in the EU, we may even have a new EU trade agreement covering all member states trade with the UK in one agreement. We will also increase trade with other countries including USA, China and India.
  4. The UK economy will thrive, and I am going against the top analysts by saying that the economy will not go into recession, but will benefit from our new weaker pound and inward investment.

So in closing I urge all you Remain voters to thing about why you voted the way you did, did you think you were being Racist or Xenophobic if you voted leave, or did you think you would not be able to travel in Europe if we left the EU?

As you have already read leaving the EU doesn’t mean we are not able to be part of the European Economic Area, we can still have travel and trade in Europe and the EU without all the red tape of the EU, our farmers, NHS, fishermen, labourers can all get more work and retain a higher salary for the work they get.

Do you agree with what I have said? let me know in the comments.

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