Boris Johnson and the Prime Minister Race

So as you all will know by now after the huge and surprising with in the EU referendum that many experts said would be to the Remain side, where as it turned out to be a victory for the Leave side.

With over 51.9% of people voting for Leave and to be out of the European Union. So what happened next, well David Cameron decided as he was supporting the Remain side and they lost, that he should stand down as Prime Minister.

Now I have never been a huge fan of David Cameron or his policies, but I fail to see why he stepped down as Prime Minister. That is done and so we need to move on to the next stage, getting a new Prime Minister, and the most obvious choice is Boris Johnson.


Almost immediately following the news of David Cameron’s resignation Boris Johnson ruled himself out of the running for Prime Minister, so why did he do this? It is my thought that Boris Johnson feels that the Leave campaign is now being targeted for its claims during the Referendum, everything from immigration to the NHS funding, I think that Boris needs to realise that he is meant to be our next Prime Minister.

As a Christian I believe that God makes things happen for a reason, and under normal circumstances there is no reason why David Cameron should resign over the Referendum result, however he did which has created a once in a lifetime opportunity for Boris Johnson, as even during general election times do you not get the chance to be leader of your party and potentially Prime Minister. So everything has happened for a reason. The reason is simple.

Boris Johnson is meant to be our next Prime Minister

Think of it this way, there really is no reason why David Cameron had to resign, as nothing in this Referendum reflects his party leadership or his ability to be Prime Minister. Something made him resign, and in my view thats Gods plan for Boris.

But what about those Leave Campaign Claims, especially that bus!

If you have not seen the now famous shot, here it is

Simple put the statement is that if we stop being in the EU and funding it over £350 million every week, we will have the ability to fund more into our NHS. Note that no where on this slogan / bus does it say anything about the £350 million being sent to the EU being paid directly to the NHS instead.

So that a lie then right?

No, put it this way if we are not in the EU and we are not sending them £350 million each week, we do have more money to spend at home and to fund our NHS, however and this is the situation here, by not being a member of the European Union, we will also be able to restrict access to our services including the NHS. This means that the following will no longer take place.

  1. European Union citizens travelling to the UK for medical treatment paid for by the NHS.
  2. Ex UK citizens who have lived outside the UK for a number of years but are still in the EU, will now no longer be entitled to have their medical treatment paid for by the NHS.

These two factors alone will save the NHS millions of pounds every single week, so along with the money we are no longer paying into the EU, and the money we save from restricting access to the NHS the NHS does get more funding simply by

  1. Putting part of the money we send every week, some £350 million can be paid into the NHS, even 10% of this would amount to over £1 billion pounds per year extra money in the NHS. This means that the NHS could build around 4 new hospitals every year instead of being in the EU.
  2. Using the indirect funding of restricted NHS access to all EU citizens for other use, simply put instead of funding and paying for someone in the EU to have medical treatment, we can use that money to fund other areas and treatments in the NHS.

So I ask you would it not be nice to be able to

  1. Not have to wait for your hospital appointments
  2. Have more access to more hospitals
  3. Have more money for training for UK doctors, nurses, etc
  4. Have more control over who has access to our NHS

The list goes on.

The Future for Boris Johnson

So as I write this, Boris Johnson is not in the running for our next Prime Minister, this upsets me as everything is working towards him being our next PM, even God has played his part in David Camerons resignation. Never again in his career will Boris Johnson have the opportunity he has now, plus the knock on effect of not following throw with the campaign is he is likely to lose faith with his own constituency, and he may even wind up losing his own seat in parliament. All because he is listening to people that don’t really know anything. So I say to you Boris “Stand by your Leave campaign, as everything in it makes sense. Don’t listen to the small amount of uneducated people who don’t know anything”

We need a new cabinet, we don’t need a new cabinet made up of old members. So I urge Boris Johnson (if you are reading this) to reconsider your position on being our next PM, as not only do you have the support of a lot of MP’s but you also have a lot of support from the public. Put it this way after over 20 years of voting Conservative I voted independent in the last election, as I don’t agree with David Cameron’s policies, now Boris Johnson on the other hand I would happily vote Conservative again.

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