2013 MPs Pay Rise – Was it Fair?

UK MP’s Pay Rise Facts

As you may or may not have heard that in the UK our lovely government has just approved a pay rise of £6000 per year for every MP in parliament. The current salary for an MP is on average £66,396 per year excluding expenses.

This means that following the pay rise the average salary for an MP will be a whopping £71,396 per year excluding expenses!!!

What about the Bankers?

Well once again I am going to compare this government to the UK bankers, the big 4 banks were blamed for causing this economy to fail, with reckless lending policies and rate fixing. During all this time the big bankers were getting large bonuses for doing their jobs. now don’t get me wrong I totally agree that corporations should pay large bonuses for people who can make the right decisions, as paying for experts is expensive, I do not agree that you should not get a bonus when you have done something wrong, so when the economy was failing the bankers bonuses should have been stopped.

So why are UK MP’s different?

The way I see it is just as the case we have seen with the bankers, the MP’s fought hard to stop extreme bonuses for bankers, stating they have made huge errors and don’t deserve to be paid large bonuses when they fail.

SO why are the UK MP’s different, as I see it the UK economy is in the toilet, who caused it is kinda not the point, getting it sorted, is. Who has the job of doing this, the MP’s!! are they doing a good job at helping the UK economy recover. NO.

So why do they deserve a pay rise whilst doing a bad job!!!

I think the MP’s should get a pay rise when and if they fix the UK economy, just as they think bankers should only get a bonus when they do a good job, MP’s should do the same. They should hold off on the pay rise and when the UK is all fixed they can get it them, and they would have earned it. As for now they should not be getting it, after all they already get over £60k salary which is a more than liveable wage.

How much is the MP pay rise going to cost?

I got to thinking about other issues facing our country and thought what else could we do with that money, rather than give each MP a £6000 per year pay rise. First I decided to show you just how much money extra per year this pay rise will cost.

Based on the fact there are 650 MP’s in the UK each will be given £6000 extra per year, that adds up to a whopping £3,900,000 or £3.9 million extra going out of the tax payers pocket.

So what else could this money be used for?

As you have most probably seen on the news all our services are being cut, we are losing front line police officers on our streets, soldiers in the armed forces, nurses, fire fighters etc.

Jobs that could be saved by not giving the MP’s a pay rise

Job Average Salary per year

No of jobs saved

Police Officer (PC) £19,000 205
Solider (Private) £17,000 229
Nurse £14,000 278
Fire Fighter £28,000 139

This is only a small example of jobs that could be saved simply by not giving the MP’s a pay rise of £6000 per year, especially at a time when they are doing such a poor job of things. You should also remember that these same MP’s voted and passed to agree the starting salary for Police Officers to be reduced by £4000 per year from £23000 to £19000.  Now they want their salaries increased by £6000. Please also remember the above figures do not take into account additional costs of training, admin or anything else associated with the roles above, but I know I for one would rather have one more police officer on our streets than give the MP’s their pay rise.

In Closing

I am not saying that running a country is easy, just the same as running any large bank its a hard job, just because you don’t come home covered in dirt at the end of the day doesn’t mean you have not been hard working. I simply think that you get rewarded for doing a good job, I cant think of any job on the planet where you could go to work, do a bad job, then ask for a pay rise.

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